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Updated: Jul 30

This last year has seen all areas of learning take a shift towards the online world and many creative skills such as music production, DJing and songwriting now frequently being taught online. Both teaching and learning techniques have come a long way and now include the use of apps, pre-recorded classes, one-to-one video calls and group sessions. Creative online courses offer a whole new style of delivery and create a reach to a much wider audience. However, with this greater new audience comes a whole new way to leverage and attract students to these courses. The days of social media being just for posting photos and connecting with friends are over, these platforms are now a prime opportunity for companies to reach out to clients and gain a large amount of interaction with new customers.

How do you communicate everything a course has to offer through your social media channels?

Here are 5 top tips to utilise social media to expand your course promotion and engagement.

1) Understand the purpose of different social channels.

It might sound simple but understanding the different usages for each channel is worth getting right. Instagram offers a great place to post photos and engage visually, perhaps a student on the course or a get-to-know the professor post would work well here. Giving a detailed description of the course or pricing might be more suited for LinkedIn, where the text is often easier to view, and a direct link can be applied to the post. Full explanations of each social platform and its best usage is discussed during strategy sessions and is always taken into consideration for a successful strategy.

2) Share testimonials.

This is a great way to gain authenticity and trust with your audience. The public would rather hear about a course from a third party than from the company itself. Make sure to allow previous students who have completed your course to review it on your social channels and encourage them to leave feedback after completion. This will improve your social proof, you can then take these reviews and share them across all your socials, a great idea for fresh new content.

3) Use catchy infographics.

Social media is a competitive place, and the likelihood is that potential customers are going to be coming across different posts and courses at the same time as yours. A great way to catch their attention is by putting any key USPs or figures into colourful infographics. This is likely to catch their attention and often lead to a higher click-through rate to your page where they can find out more detailed information. Make sure to not include too much information in the infographic as the attention span for social media posts is as little as 2 seconds.

4) Engagement, engagement, engagement.

Engagement truly is a secret weapon in social media management and really important to convert prospects into sales. Make sure to engage with your audience, respond to any comments they leave on your posts and get back to any DMs you might have received. Posting your course in relevant Facebook groups is a great way to engage with a new community. But be careful, do not jump into these groups and spam with purely promotional posts, instead post relevant helpful content around the topic of your course. People are not necessarily looking to purchase straight away but this gives you a chance to introduce your company to them.

5) Host a virtual live event.

Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Zoom offer an amazing opportunity for you to present information about your company and course in a fun, new and exciting way.

They also offer a unique chance to interact with your audience live. A question-and-answer section could give a priceless chance for your audience to iron out any worries that have prior to signing up. A live event on social media offers a chance to speak about your course and establish an expertise in the area, you can create a real element of excitement and anticipation around your courses and it's easier to fully explain a course using video than text.

These are just a few tips I recommend using to make the most of social media when promoting an online course. Reach out for an in-depth understanding on how we can help aid you and your company.

Chiara Santevecchi.

Music Box Communications

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