How can email marketing work for you in the live industry space?

Updated: Jul 30

The live music and event industry has been shaken up more than ever this past twelve months and it is still at a constant level of uncertainty. With ongoing changes and new regulations frequently being put in place, the need to develop a reliable communication path with customers is more necessary than ever for the ticketing, live music and festival industry. We have seen events postponed, cancelled and rescheduled and customers are looking for many answers.

These constant changes need to be communicated effectively and efficiently. Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer toolbox and has consistently performed well for a range of different business goals. Turning prospects into customers and turning one-time buyers into repeat loyal customers are the outcome of a great email marketing strategy.

Surprising to some, emails still stand as the number one communication channel in terms of reach and converts. So where to start?

1 – The initial list. You need to have gathered a list of contacts before you can start emailing them. There are many systems on the web that can be used to easily set up a marketing tool that collects email addresses such as HubSpot, MailChimp or Constant Contact. These systems offer a free and reliable place to store and organize this data, more advanced tools can often be purchased on a monthly subscription.

2 – Grow the list. Post across your website and social areas that allow potential prospects to sign up. You can always offer an incentive to help grow your list, this is called a lead magnet. Perhaps a discount code or a related downloadable cheat sheet in return for a customer to sign up to your email list.

3 – Reach out and review. It’s time to test what content your consumer likes. You can conduct A/B testing to see what emails work best for your company. Here it is useful to look at metrics such as click-through rates and open rates to judge what emails get the best results and produce similar campaigns.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Why bother with email marketing when you can reach your customers over social media? There are some great benefits to email marketing that cannot be utilised with social media.

Segmenting your customer

Email marketing makes it easier to segment your customers and provide catered content. For example, if you were promoting one specific event, then you know that you are more likely to get a better response from customers that belong to the same city that the event is happening. You can use email marketing to separate your contacts and can target that one group with personalised marketing campaigns to push ticket sales or give updates regarding that one specific event/venue.

Building a stronger customer relationship

Emails are a great two-way form of communication; a well-crafted email does not go unnoticed by the customers and it also opens up a path for them to respond with any questions and queries. Make sure to be on top of getting back to any incoming emails. You might want to set up an automatic response so that your customers know their email has been received and will be reviewed shortly.

Forward planning

Once you're set up with your email campaigns it's super easy and flexible to schedule them ahead of time. You can develop and set up a whole email campaign to be delivered across a period of time. They can be sent weekly or monthly meaning a consistent interaction with your customers. This will enhance your customer contact points and are likely to improve your brands familiarity with the customer helping to build familiarity and trust. Additionally, using the segmentation tools you can set your emails to send to different locations at different times, making sure your content arrives at the mailbox at just the right time to be read. We'd recommend mid-morning or early evening as a peak time for consumers to be checking their mail.

Here we can see some simple sets to get you started on your email marketing set up and some key reasons on how it can make your communication A*.

Reach out if you want help with your email marketing. This is just scraping the surface, shall we go deeper and create a stellar email marketing strategy?

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